So what’s the LOC method?

L = Liquid         +         O = Oil           +         C = Cream

It’s a basic concept of layering products to achieve maximum hydration for your hair. This method can be used on relaxed and natural hair. When hair is moisturized, it reduces hair breakage and keeps hair hydrated for longer. Hair is like skin, when it gets moisturized when it’s damp it stays hydrated for longer.

How to actively use the LOC method?

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1. Liquid = Leave in conditioner/ Spray

To start the LOC method, you need to apply a small amount of a water base product such as the spray or leave in conditioner. The water in these products will hydrate your hair.

2. Oil = Purpul Hair Oil

Proceed to apply the hair oil on the hair and scalp. Sealing in the water base product.

3. Cream = Shea Butter

The final step of the sealing process. Apply the Shea Butter on the actual hair, to seal all the products. You may do plaits to stretch out your hair.

You can do this method every time your hair feels dry or every three days. All products are available from our website, you can click the below products to add them to your shopping cart.


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