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Total Package

R 590.00

Want to join the Purpul Hair but not sure which products to get. This starter  pack consists of all our products that will help you kick start your healthy hair journey.

Wash Day Essential

R 230.00

Enjoy soft and natural hair with a beautiful smell. This combo is easy to use and can be used on all hair types

Oil and Shear butter

R 280.00

Our Shea butter makes managing your Afro easier. It assists with hair growth, moisture & shine. Can be used on relaxed and natural hair.

Hair Spray

R 80.00

Apply daily to moist and flexible hair get the benefits of Aqua, Aloe Vera, Vitis Vinifera, Glycerin, Melaleuca and altermifolia.

About Us

Purpul Hair (Pty Ltd.)  journey started from my personal experience with commercial products  that claimed to maintain  black Afro hair.  Nothing seemed as it was advertised which lead to frustration. However through travelling  specifically to West Africa i developed an appreciation for natural products and earthy formulas, I tried them  for a while and i love my hair . Here i share my experience and  natural products that maintain hair in a health and natural way.

We utilize the  finest natural products, comprising of cold pressed oils and unrefined Shea butter from Ghana – renowned for its rich cocoa and other natural products.

Our products in South African market has been received with great fanfare which has allowed our company to grow two fold and allowed for the introduction of new products  – shampoo’s and conditioners towards the latter part of 2017 . Our products aim to  maintain healthy hair and assist with hair growth.

Latest Blog Post

Transition vs the Big Chop

Still haven’t decided if you should shave off your relaxed hair or transition into an afro?

Well this article might help you decide. Both hair types have advantages and disadvantages and no matter which one you decide to on; a healthy and consistent hair routine is a must. Ditch everything you learnt when you had relaxed hair, because you won’t need it now. This is a new and exciting journey.