1. Question

Can i use Purpul Hair products if i have relaxed hair?

1. Answer

Yes, Purpul hair products is for all hair types

3. Question

Where can i get you product? 

3. Answer

You can click on the shop icon and order our products. Or you can send us a whatsapp and we will assist 067 185 0531

5. Question

How long does delivery take ?

5. Answer

2-5 working days after receiving the shipping confirmation email from us

2. Question

At what age can i start using Purpul hair on my kids? 

2. Answer

We recommend that you start using our products from kids that are 4 years and older

4. Question

Where is your store and what are the trading house 

4. Answer

  • Co space, shop f8. car brand and swart drive midrand
  • Thurs – Friday 10am – 5pm
  • Saturday 10am – 2pm