Meet our distributors


The idea of the women empowerment program through distributors is to share profits made from the Purpul hair products with our sisters. This goes hand in hand with the mission of our company to give a product that restores women’s pride through natural hair and beauty.

We continue to encourage everyone to use distributors in their local or nearest area when buying Purpul hair products this will give you a fast turn around time in delivery as some of our distributors are walk-in shops.


B e a u t y o n T a p p

083 346 5864

C a p e  T o w n

Sheena –
068 363 5440

S w a z i l a n d

Thobile  –
+268 7608 8656

A f r i c a   R i s e

Sandton and Menlyn –
076 806 3616

S o w e t o

Gugu –
076 6655 375

N e w C a s t l e 

Balungile –
073 3694 539

E a s t  L o n d o n 

Lungi –
073 045 8166