About Us

Purpul Hair (Pty Ltd.)  journey started from my personal experience of frustration believing store shelved hair products did not  cater for black afro hair. It is through my world wide travels  especially to West Africa that my appreciation for natural products and earthy formulas led to the formulation of my company focusing on hair products.

A particular common thread amongst my friends and peers alike – was the curious suspicions of the unknown effects and impact of commercial  store products on  Black ethnic hair but also to skin and scalp sensitivity.

It has been two years since we released our initial products, the “Hair Oil” and “Shea Butter” . 

At Purpul Hair , we utilize the  finest natural products, comprising of cold pressed oils and unrefined Shea butter from Ghana – renowned for its rich cocoa and other natural products.  

Our products in South African market has been received with great fanfare which has allowed our company to grow two fold and allowed for the introduction of new products  – shampoo’s and conditioners towards the latter part of 2017 . 

Our products aim to  maintain healthy hair and assist with hair growth.


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