Taking Care of Dread Locks

We are loving the positive responses from our lovely dreadlock Baes. Purpul Hair Products make dreadlock cleaning much easier and improves hair texture and growth. A Healthy hair routine with the right products is the key to great looking dreads. We’ve outlined up some tips and put up a video to help you get those fabulous looking dreads.

Tips on maintaining healthy dreadlocks

  • Wash your hair using our sulfate-free shampoo. Our shampoo is sulfate-free it won’t leave your hair feeling dry.
  • Apply our detangling conditioner on your hair
  • Apply the hair oil as a base and twist your dreads. When twisting your dreads, don’t pull your hair too tight as you make your dreads weak.
  • Use the Aloe Vera Spray daily to assist with growth and dandruff.

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