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Still haven’t decided if you should shave off your relaxed hair or transition into an afro?. Well this article might help you decide. Both hair types have advantages and disadvantages and no matter which one you decide to on; a healthy and consistent hair routine is a must. Ditch everything you learnt when you had relaxed hair, because you won’t need it now. This is a new and exciting journey.

The Big Chop

Cutting off all your relaxed hair and starting afresh. This is ideal for people who want to start the journey quicker.


It’s low maintenance, you get used to the new hair texture quicker and grow with your hair. During this time, you will be learning which products your hair responds well to and until your hair is long enough, you can get away with doing wash and go hair styles.


Short hair can be limiting to style which can cause more frustrations. If you are used to playing around with your hair, this will be challenging and perhaps overwhelming.

Products to Use

Your hair is still short right? So, you don’t need all the other products, you can start off with the following from our range;

  • Sulfate free shampoo and conditioner for washing your hair
  • Purpul hair oil – this will assist with growing your hair. It can be used as a scalp base and applied on actual hair
  • Aloe Vera Spray – the spray will assist should your hair get dry and gets hard to comb.


This is growing out your relaxed hair until the afro texture is long enough for you to cut it. It’s a slow process that won’t happen overnight. Dealing with two hair textures is not easy and can be frustrating. Firstly, set a six-month hair goal for yourself, this will help you to stay motivated and not give up on your new journey. Setting a hair goal helps you monitor progress.

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