LOC Method

Wash day can be very stressful and time consuming for natural hair beginners. With so many rules, one can feel overwhelmed. Wash day shouldn’t be stressful, find ways to make it easy and quick for yourself. We hope the following blog will help you on your next wash day, we promise to keep it short.


Step 1 – Sulfate Free Shampoo

On damp hair apply our Sulphate free shampoo. Massage it from root to tip. Our shampoo doesn’t contain sulfate, meaning it will not strip your hair off its natural oils. It has added Castor oil to help restore any lost moisture and help with hair growth properties.


Step 2 – Castor Oil Detangling Conditioner

Apply our detangling conditioner on your hair. Use a comb or brush to detangle your hair. Detangling is a process of removing knots off your afro. When you are done with detangling, you may rinse the detangling conditioner.




Step 3 – Castor Oil Leave In Conditioner

Apply the leave in conditioner, from root to tip. The Leave in conditioner will keep your hair softer for the week. * don’t rinse *


Step 4 – Purpul Hair Oil & Shea Butter

Base with the Purpul hair oil and apply the oil and Purpul Shea butter on the actual hair to seal the leave in conditioner. The Purpul Hair oil is blended with oils that assist with hair growth.

The Shea Butter will hydrate your hair, its high on moisture properties.


Step 5 – Styling

You are done. You may air dry your hair, or do a protective style.


What are some of  the challenges you face during wash day? leave a comment below

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