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I’m sure you have heard the term protective styling by now, but what is it?
Protective styling is any style that protects your hair ends from environmental damage such as the sun, heat and hair manipulation. Each protective style is different, however with each protective style you do, remember to always protect your hairline and minimize hair manipulation. Over pulling our hair wont help it grow.
Protective styles can be, but not limited to braids, cornrows and wigs.



Keeping your hair hydrated and moisturized when you have a protective style needs to be your main priority. Protective styling can be done by relaxed and natural hair. Its important to remember that natural hair is drier than relaxed hair, so it’s important to always keep your hair well moisturize.
Maintaining a healthy hair routine is essential even when you have a protective style.
You will still be required to wash your hair and use the correct products.

Product recommendation

The Aloe Vera Spray can be used daily, it will assist with keeping your hair soft and moisturized. It has added Tea Tree that assists with any itchiness.
If you have a hairline issue, base with the hair oil or the Shea Butter daily on the hairline area and base 4 times a week on the actual head.

Protective Styles we recommend

  • Braids
  • Cornrows / Straight back / straight up
  • Wigs

We are interested in hearing your comments, what are some of your favorite protective styles?

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